Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Kaiya's hidden intention / Kaiyaの魂胆

I think I was forced out from my bed this morning...

It was little before six o'clock when Kaiya started to lick my hand like saying "mommy, it's time to get up!"

I wasn't that sleepy even it was way too earlier than I usually get up because I fell asleep real early last night.  That's why I decided to get up already.

As soon as I got out of the bed, Kaiya jumped up on it as if we took turns to sleep on it.

She curled up where I was sleeping and claimed that it was her spot. lol

Well, I guess it's OK cuz I was just about to go to the bathroom to take a shower...but I just had this feeling that she made me to do so in order for her to sleep there... ;p

Anyways, photos from morning walk!



昨日早くに落ちたからそこまで眠くないし まぁもうすぐ6時だから起きてもいいやと思って ふとベッドから出たら 私と入れ替わるようにすかさずジャンプして私の寝ていたところに 丸まるKaiyaさん・・・。

いいんだけどね。これからバスルーム行ってシャワー浴びるから いいんだけどね。

なんか腑に落ちないけど 可愛いからいいや(笑)

ってことで あさんぽ。

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  1. 定番のベッドの下の代わりに マミーの寝床を定番にしま~っす Kaiya~!!