Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mommy leaving to Japan / マミー日本へ出発

I was on the airplane to Japan and couldn't update yesterday.  So here it is!

By the way, I'm already in Japan.  I actually took one more domestic flight to Nagasaki to see my grandma:)

昨日は私が飛行機の中でアップできなかったので 今日アップです!

そうそう もう日本に到着してまぁす!

只今 長崎のおばあちゃんのところに来てます!

Anyways, Kaiya from yesterday!

I thought Kaiya overslept since she didn't come out and and watch me get ready in the morning.

But she was watching me!!!  LOL


朝は珍しく圧力をかけてこないと思ったら 密かに圧力をかけられてた・・・。

"家政婦は見た" 的に こっそり見られてた(笑)

Rain again and Kaiya wasn't happy about it.

Suddenly she started to walk fast towards the dog park.  Somebody's there!

雨で足取りが重かったのに 急に早足になったと思ったら 誰かがドッグランに!

It was Robin!!


Robin's grandpa has pain in his back.  It's so hard for him to take a walk with him.  I really hope he gets better soon.

おじいちゃん腰が痛くて大変だけど 毎日しっかりお散歩。早く良くなるといいです。

It started to rain a lot.  We walked fast and got home as quick as possible.

雨がいっぱい降ってきたから 急いで歩いて早めにお家へ帰ってきたよぉ。

Taking a nap after the breakfast.


Waiting for the bus to the airport.

Kaiya and daddy followed me to the airport :))

さてさて マミーはいよいよ日本へ向かいますよ。



I guess she doesn't feel comfortable being in the bus.

She sat in front of the door where she could see outside and step outside as soon as the door opens. ;p



Arlanda airport!


She's curious about everything :)


Well, time to go now.

I'll be back in 3 weeks.

Since I have to leave Kaiya, I'm not 100% excited about the trip...

Kaiya, take a good care of daddy!! ;p

ってことで しばらくお別れ。

なんかやっぱりKaiyaさん置いてかなきゃいけないから あまりルンルン気分になれない。

Kaiya ダディのお世話頼んだぞ!!

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  1. ダディーのお世話任せとけ~ Kaiya~!!