Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Djur Akuten - to the Animal hospital / 動物病院へ

Today we went to see a vet!

Until yesterday she ate normal.  She only had diarrhea.  When she lost her appetite and started to vomit yesterday, we thought it's really bad and time to take her to see a vet.

We couldn't make an appointment at the clinics we'd been to before and the clinics which are near our place... some were closed for this week, some had no available times...
Daddy was able to make an appointment in the afternoon today at one of the big animal hospitals in town, called Djur Akuten.

During the examination, Kaiya was being such a good girl.  She didn't bark at all.  She was letting the vet do his job very easily :)

She didn't have fever.  The X-ray shows no signs of trouble.  But the vet told us that they gonna keep her there for a while to observe her and give her drips.

I came home and daddy went to work.

今までは食欲はあって お腹がゆるいだけだったのに 昨日の夜から食欲をなくして 吐くようになってしまったので これはまずい。

前に行ったことがある動物クリニックや わりと近くにあるクリニックは みんな休みだったりアポイントメントが取れなかったりで なかなかすぐに行けるところを見つけられない中 やっと町の方にあるしっかりした大きめの Djur Akuten と言う動物病院へ今日の午後にアポイントが取れて行ってきました。

熱を測ったり 触診されたり レントゲンを撮ったり 血液検査をしたり。
その間 吠えることもなく ひどく嫌がるそぶりもなく いい子にしてたKaiyaさん。

熱もなく レントゲン写真にも異常は見られないけど 暫く病院で点滴を打ちながら様子を見るとのことで 私は家に帰ってきて ダディは仕事へ。

I was actually at work this morning.  She became worse after I left home.  Daddy called me and told me that she was vomiting all the time.  My eyes were watering worrying about Kaiya.  My colleagues were super nice.  They told me to go home to Kaiya right a way because they'd cover me and they could manage themselves.  So I went home early.  But Kaiya kept vomiting after drinking water again and again even after I came home.
The only good thing was though she was walking normal when we came out to go to the hospital.
She didn't look like she was feeling sick.

Anyways, I got a phone call from the vet a while ago updating how she's doing and the test results.

She was doing fine.  She hadn't vomited there, which is pretty good.

The blood test showed that the enzyme level was little above normal in one of her livers but this could be due to the diarrhea and vomiting so no need to worry.

He ran the inflammation test, and it was also little above normal which means somewhere in her body there's a inflammation...but this could be also due to the diarrhea and vomitting so not a big deal.

This hospital closes at 10 pm and nobody's gonna be there after that.  So either we take her home or transfer her to other hospital where someone's there 24h.

We decided to take her home.  He told me that if nothing happens by around 9 pm, I could come and pick her up.

So I'm waiting right now and I thought I could have some updates for those of you who are worried about Kaiya because of my previous posts.  And big THNAKS to you all!!

朝は食欲はないけど水分補給をさせて 水を飲むとその後すぐ吐いてしまって 何回も何回も吐いてたらしく 仕事してた私にダディからの電話でKaiyaの様子を聞いたら 心配で涙が出てきた〜(>_<) 電話を切った後同僚たちが仕事をカバーするから今すぐ帰りなって言ってくれて お言葉に甘えて早退。私が帰ってきてからも水を飲んでは吐いての繰り返し。
それでも病院に行く時間になって外に出たら 嬉しそうに歩いてるから ちょっと安心。

さっき先生から電話があって 近況報告と血液検査などの結果を教えてもらいました。


肝臓の酵素の数値がやや高めだけど これは下痢と嘔吐で起こることが多いので心配はないとのこと。

炎症があるかのテストでも 少し通常より数値が高めだったので 体のどこかに炎症があるのだろうけど これもやっぱり下痢と嘔吐のせいで起こりうるからそんなに心配することもないだろうとのこと。

病院が夜10時に閉まってしまうので 9時くらいまでに何もなければ今夜家に帰っていいってことでただいま待ってます。

昨日までのブログポストを読んでKaiyaのことを心配してくれている方々がいるのでここで少しアップデートしようと思いました!ご心配ありがとうございます。とりあえず 大事に至らなかったので 安心です。

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