Sunday, October 23, 2016

Freezing!!!! / 寒すぎ!!!

It's been getting colder and colder, it was way too colder than usual :(

It was 4 or 5°c whole day long but the real feel was minus degrees since it was blowing so much.

No wonder it felt freezing...

It rained a little, too.  That's why I couldn't take the bake to work...dammit!  My everyday exercise!!!

Come to think of it, I actually went to the gym earlier today!!!  Yes!!

寒くなってきてたけど 今日は一段と寒さが増したぁ〜〜〜(>_<)

終日4度か5度くらいで 風が吹いてたから 体感温度はマイナス・・・。


雨もちょいちょい降ったりしてたから 今日は自転車で仕事に行けなかったし・・・。


Anyways, this is Kaiya this morning waiting for me to get ready for the morning walk!

ってことで 朝の散歩待ちKaiya。

It's weekend.  I thought I could take her to the woods so we were sort of walking towards the way to go to the woods.  But Kaiya didn't seem like wanting to go to the woods so she turned the corner which led away from the woods.  Eventually, we came close to the station where many people were.

週末だし なんとなく森へ行く道へ歩いていたんだけど 今日は珍しく森の方へ行きたがらずに 違う方向に曲がって駅の近くの人が多い方へ来た。

Bad weather and freezing, I guess Kaiya wasn't in the mood for a walk in this...

Okey, let's get in and go home!!!

天気も悪いし 寒いし あんまり散歩に乗り気じゃなかったのかな?

さてさて お家入るよ〜!

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  1. マミー 雪が降ったら元気に跳ね回るから それまでの充電で~す Kaiya~!!