Monday, October 10, 2016

Sleepy... / 眠いっす・・・zzz

Daddy and I and, maybe Kaiya, too, are all tired today.

You know Kaiya has a bad tummy right now.

And when that happens, she always tells us when she needs to go out.  

Well, today it started in the middle of night which daddy went out with her.

Then very early in the morning she woke me up and I took her out.

Daddy took her out twice during the day while I was at work.

I took her out twice in the evening while daddy was at work.

Yep, daddy and I were tired and sleepy.

While we were chilling out on the couch after I came back from work, Kaiya fell asleep in between daddy and me :)))

She must feel crummy because of her tummy.


お腹の調子の悪いKaiyaさんは クンクン鳴いて外にトイレに行きたいと教えてくれて何回もお散歩へ。





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