Sunday, October 9, 2016

Mato 2nd day at my parents' home (2016/10/08) / Mato 実家2日目

Yappiiiii!!!  Walkie walkie!!!


Mato made a mess today while mom and dad went out for a while.

He pulled off the wall paper and tore it into million pieces.  lol

Well, I guess this happens.  It's the first time being home alone in a new home ;p

I told mom to give Mato something that's ok to chew on, like some toys or just sticks she can pick up from outside.

今日はママとパパが少しお出かけしている間 1人でお留守番中にやらかしてたらしい・・・(; ̄O ̄)

ママたちが帰ってきたら 壁紙を噛んで部屋がめっちゃめっちゃ〜(笑)

まぁ 初のお家でお留守番 こんなもんですよね。

おもちゃでもいいし 外から木の枝でも拾ってきてもいいし 噛んでいいものを与えてとお願いしときましたぁ〜(^_^;)

I heard that Mato didn't like being held but he's ok being held by mom.

Mom looks really happy getting kisses from Mato :)))

抱っこされるのはあまり好きじゃないと聞いてたけど ママに抱っこされるのは平気みたいね〜。


Dad hold him, too....but Mato doesn't look comfortable with it ;p

I guess he likes girls since he is a boy ;)))

Mom told me that he was following her all the time today!

パパにも膝の上に乗っけてもらえたけど なんかぎこちないね(笑)



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