Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mato 26th day at my parents' home (2016/11/01) / Mato 実家26日目

I thought I would sleep in yesterday since I was exhausted from the trip to Disney land.  But  I woke up as usual.

You wake up no matter what when you have dogs in your life, I guess :)))

Though I couldn't keep my eyes open while I was writing the blog and I fell asleep last night.

Anyways, everyone in the garden!  Go ahead and play! ;))) 

前日の疲れで遅くまで寝ちゃうとふんでたけど 意外に早く起きれた昨日。

やっぱワンコがいる生活をしてると 起きちゃうもんだねぇ〜!


ってことで みんなを庭に集合させて さぁ 遊べ!!ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Hey mommy, where's our breakfast??


Okey.  Here you go!

はい どぉぞ!!

Time to take a walk!

じゃ 散歩行きますかぁ〜!(≧∇≦)

First, we went to say hi to Kurobe.

まずは くろべーにおはようって言いに行って。

It was still raining a bit actually.


You'd better keep it up otherwise Alex's gonna leave you behind :p


No car here.  Only the rice field.  I decided to take off Mato's leash.

この辺畑ばっかりだから Matoはノーリードでいいね。

Hey! Don't go in there! 


This is a nice open space by the shrine.  We practiced recall with the whistle

この神社のところはちょっと広めのスペースがあるから ここで犬笛で呼び戻しの練習〜。

Having fun with Alex.


Time to get back home!

さぁて 帰りますかぁ〜!

After the walk, I took him to the animal clinic to get the preventive medication for heartworm disease.  So much mosquitos in Japan.  Dogs have to have this medication every month for about 7 month to prevent the infection.  I've never got this medication for Kaiya in Sweden, by the way.  I've never seen mosquitos anyways.

And I made payment for all the medication, the vaccinations and the id-chip that Mato had.

I hadn't seen this vet for about 2 years but he was doing fine.  He takes care of Alex and Jay, too, and all the dogs we had before.  He's like our family vet ;))

散歩の後は車に乗って動物クリニックへ フィラリアの薬をもらうのと 今までのワクチンやID チップなどの支払いへ。

ちなみにスウェーデンで フェラリアの薬もらったことはないです。



うちの子たち 歴代も含め みんなこの先生に診てもらってるんです。


There he was taking a nap after we came home and took the medication.

素直にお薬も飲んで いなくなったと思ったら こんなところで日向ぼっこしながらお昼寝してた(笑)

We are going out again!  Guess where we are going??

I don't know why but he put his head here and doesn't look comfy....I guess he wanted to watch me drive and fell a sleep :)

午後はまた車に乗ってお出かけ〜(-_^) さぁ どこへ向かってるのでしょうか〜?

なんだろぉ・・・どうしても私の方を向いていたいのかなぁ? 首痛そうだけどこっち向いて寝てるよね(笑)

Here we are!!!  The Minami Alps Kennel.  I was worried about Ken that's why we came here to see him.

This is Ken's crib.  But Mato used to sleep here when he live here.  

I guess he remembered it ;)


今はここのお部屋にケンがいるけど 前はMatoが使っていたお部屋。

おぼえてたんだろうね 自分から入っていったよ。

Hey Ken, how are you??  How's your leg??

He's walking with 3 legs again but he seemed fine :)


また3足歩行になってしまったケンだけど 元気そうだったよ!

My favorite guy Kai!!!  He's Kaiya's daddy.

He is so HOT!!!!!! :))))))))

私の大好きなKaiyaのお父さん カイ君!


We made a stop at a home depot like store to get Alex's food and some treat for Jay and Nana.

You know, you can go into the store with your dog only if you put your dog in this cart for the pets at this kind of stores here in Japan.  Little different from Sweden where you can walk into the store with your dogs...though depends on the stores.

Mato on the cart for the first time!  So cute!

He was little scared at first, the got used to it eventually :)
南アルプス犬舎のお父さん&お母さんやケンたちにバイバイして 用を済ませた後は ちょっとホームセンターへ。

アレックスのフードが切れそうだったからそれを買ったり 歯が少なくて噛む力弱いジェイとナナのおやつを買ったり。


日本はそのまま犬を連れて入れないけど ペットカートの中に入っていればいいんだね。

ちょっと最初ビビリだったけど だんだん慣れたよ!

Yep.  This is where he likes to sleep :)))


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