Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Mato 32nd day at my parents' home (2016/11/07) / Mato 実家32日目

I was cleaning and taking care of plants round the house and around Alex's kennel. 

When I was behind the fence and balcony where dogs are not supposed to cross and looked up somehow, I found Mato sitting and looking at me on the balcony!!!

He jumped up on the bar of sliding shutter and got up on the balcony like a cat!!!!

I guess he can actually get out the garden whenever he wants to :p
昨日は家の周りとアレックスのお家の周りの草取り&お掃除をしていたら 柵をしてワンちゃんたちが出れないようにしてるところなのに雨戸の桟に猫のように登ってそれを伝ってバルコニーに登ってきたMato氏。(笑)


Time for a walk!!

Alex and Mato do exactly the same thing all the time. lol



Hmm...trying to hunt??


Alex is the target.  lol


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  1. 見るものみんな初めてだから お散歩時間がかかるよ マトマト...トマト!!