Wednesday, November 2, 2016

First snow! / 初雪

It's been a while but I can update about Kaiya now since I got some photos from daddy to show at last.

This is what Kaiya does every morning to wake daddy up by coming by his side to ask him to pet her :)

She knows that I'm the one who takes her out in the morning so she actually comes my side when I'm there ;)


ダディがあまりKaiyaの写真を送ってくれないので なかなかアップできませんでした(^^;)


Guess what!  It snowed in Stockholm today!

It's too early this year... Last year was warm winter so it didn't start to snow until the end of the last year.

I have this feeling that it's gonna be a very cold winter...




Look how everything is covered in snowed a lot, I guess.


She needs to get cleaned and dried after the walk :)

お家帰ってきたら ちゃんと乾かさないとねぇ〜(*^^*)

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  1. 雪が降ると スーパーモデルの私が浮き立つの Kaiya~!!