Friday, November 25, 2016

Weak points / 苦手なこと Nov.24

We went to the woods this morning!

On the way there, we met Keaton!  First time for Mato to meet him.


行く途中でキートンに会った! Matoはキートン初めましてだねぇ〜。

We bumped into Simba on the way home :)


I found out funny thing about these two today.

First of all, Kaiya is not good at being in a crowd, like some event with a lot of people.

That's why when we were about to pass by the school, she got little shaky because there were a lot of kids playing in the playground.  Her tail is totally down and she really wanted to get out of this place right a way.

Mato, on the other hand, who likes people, just stood there and watched them like nothing was happening...or he might've thought of going there ;p



だから 小学校の前を通る時にに外のバスケットコートで遊ぶたくさんの子供達がいてちょいとガクブル。早くこの場を通りすぎたいから早足になる。

尻尾が下がってここに居たくないKaiyaに対して 人の好きなMatoは全然へっちゃら。

During the afternoon walk, we passed by some construction site.  I guess they were trying to make a hole on the hard ground using a big machine.  There was a loud boom sound which startled Mato.  His tail went down and he pulled me to get away from there.

Kaiya, on the other hand, who's been living this area where many constructions going on, long enough that she didn't even react to the sound at all...though she really can't handle the sound of fireworks ;p

Well, we just gonna have to get used to these little by little :)

午後の散歩の時に工事してる横を通った時 大きい機械で穴をあけてる音かな ドーンって大きい音がして今度はMatoがビビリに。尻尾も下がってもう早くここから去りたいからリードを引っ張る。

それに対してKaiyaはこのあたりは開発中で工事が多いから 慣れっこ。大きな音がしてもビクリともしない。・・・花火の音は大の苦手だけどね(笑)

まぁ これから2人とも苦手克服していこうねぇ〜(*^^*)

We took a walk to Lake Lötsjön in the afternoon :)


Look who we met in the dog park by the lake!  It's Akira, a German shepherd boy!!

Of course, Mato met him for the first time and they played a lot!


Matoはもちろん初めまして。 そしていっぱい遊んでもらったよん。


  1. でっけーな~ ジャーマンシェパード マトマト...トマト!!

    1. そーんなにびっくりするほどでっかくないよぉ〜 トマト!!!