Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mato 29th day at my parents' home (2016/11/04) / Mato 実家29日目

It was really warm yesterday!

So nice to chill in the sun.   Grandma and I had a tea together in the sun.


気持ちいいから おばあちゃんと縁側でお茶飲みながら日向ぼっこ(o^^o)

Taking all the boys for a walk!!

まったりした後は お散歩ターイム!


He looks like Kaiya in this photo ;)


Mato loves to sniff around and picks up a lot of stuff....

Yesterday, it started with a dead sparrow...

A little while later, Jay and Mato were into something...I went close to them.  I found out it was a dead snake... Oh my my....:(((

クンクン匂いを嗅ぐのが好きなMatoくん。いろいろ拾ってくるんだけど 昨日は・・・

まず スズメの死骸を咥えてきて マミーびっくり。

そして 今度は蛇の死骸をジェイと仲良くクンクン(;´Д`A

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  1. 何か無くしたら Matoに聞いてね すぐ探しちゃう マトマト...トマト!!