Monday, November 14, 2016

Mato 37th day at my parents' home (2016/11/12) / Mato 実家37日目

I caught a cold and wasn't feeling good...that's why I missed entries for a couple of days.

Here's photos from Saturday.  I took all the boys for a walk in the morning!

ちょいと調子が悪かったりして アップが遅れました〜。

ってことで土曜日のあさんぽは 我が家の甘えん坊男子たち全員で!

It's sort of hard to take photos of my three boys ;p


We went to the outlet in Kobuchizawa in the afternoon.

Many people take their loving dogs here since there's a dog park in the area.

We didn't go to the dog park but met and said hi to many doggies :))

Mato was very popular actually. Bunch of girls and ladies were like "he's so cute!!! Can we pet him?"  He loves people and was very happy about them coming to him to say hi.

午後は 小淵沢のアウトレットに行ってきました。

ここは結構愛犬を連れてくる人が多いから いろんな子に挨拶できた(o^^o)

"可愛い〜!" ってのと  "甲斐犬ですか?"ってので色んな人に話しかけられて ナデナデしてもらったMato(*^^*)

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  1. アウトレットでいっぱいほめられて「可愛いね・良い子だね」 マトマト...トマト!!