Saturday, November 12, 2016

Mato 36th day at my parents' home (2016/11/11) / Mato 実家36日目

I had a little project yesterday to reenforce the fence that my brother and I put out last year and enlarge the area for dogs to go around. 

While I was doing that, our boys were helping or not helping but kept me company :)))

Jay had to go to the animal clinic in the morning to take out the teeth which had too much built up tartar.  Once they were out, we realized there were only a little roots left and huge chunks were mostly tartar.

Anyways, that's why I thought he needed a little rest so I only took Mato and Alex for a long walk.

昨日は家の周りのフェンスを補強&拡大で その間手伝うのか邪魔をするのか私の近くをウロウロしてた 我が家の甘えん坊男子たち(笑)・・・写真撮るの忘れちゃったけど。

ジェイは獣医さんのところに行って たくさん歯石&歯を抜いてきたので お家で休ませて お散歩はMatoとアレックスだけで行ってきましたぁ〜。

Breakfast time!

He's getting more brown fur.
In Kai's term, this brindle fur called Tora ge.
He's really like his mother.
His mother has more like a brindle coat instead of totally black as his father.
He might gonna have more Tora ge than Kaiya has.

Mato's off the leash here.

Flying little birds got Mato's attention.
He jumped in the field and chased after them for a little while.
鳥さんが飛んでるのに反応して この後畑に入って

Alex always wants to say hi to this handsome guy every time we pass by.
I don't really know him and owner is not around so we've never had a chance to officially say hi though.
Alex is really a friendly guy who always wants to say hi to all the dogs he sees.
Mato, on the other hand, is very friendly to people and always wants to say hi to the people we pass by ;)
一方 Matoは近くを通る人にすぐ挨拶しに行きたがるんだよねぇ〜。

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