Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dark... / 暗い・・・ Nov.21

I can do cold.  But sometimes I can't deal with this darkness.  When you don't get enough sunlight, people start to be less kind, you know... :((

Now it starts to get dark around three in the afternoon and by four it gets totally dark.  When it's worse, it starts at two and totally dark by three...:(((

It was my first day at work after the vacation yesterday.  We went out to take a walk early in the morning....actually I had jet lag and we've taken early morning walks so it wasn't really early walk :p

It was cloudy windy and dark...I couldn't take a single unblurred photo.

寒いのはなんとかなるんだけど この暗いのがなぁ〜。太陽の光がないと人からおおらかさがどんどんなくなってく(^^;)

今は15時くらいから暗くなり始めて 16時には真っ暗だし。ひどい時は14時から暗くなり始めるよね〜・・・。

昨日から仕事開始だったから朝も早めにお散歩へ。ってか最近時差ぼけで早くにお散歩でてたから そんなに変わらないけど。

曇りだし 風強いし 暗くて写真ぶれるし(笑)

They took a walk with daddy in the afternoon.  Then in the early evening, they had a walk with me one by one.  Each of them got special time with mommy :))

First, I took Kaiya.  Kaiya actually wanted to go farther.  She sat and directed towards the woods.  I had little hard time to convince her that we go there some other time :p  But you know, taking a walk with Kaiya reminded me how smart Kaiya is and how easy it is to take a walk with.  Alex and Jay, my parents' dogs in Japan, were raised freewheelingly, sort of ;p They are very sweet and good boys, yet it's little hard to take a walk with when they walk ahead of you, try to go everywhere and sometimes pull.  Kaiya, on the other hand, walks next to me without pulling me so I don't have to really hold the leash.  I just sort of put it on my hand so I don't drop it.  Even though she sometimes sits and tells me what she wants to do, I'm just grateful that she's my baby :))))

Next is Mato.  He actually can walk next to me very well.  This is because Mr. and Mrs. Arisumi taught him well when he was living with them :))  He can also make a good eye contact when I call him.  But he loves to say hi to people so every time we pass someone, he wants to follow them :p  He's also curious about other dogs so he wants to go there and play when we pass a dog. 

Anyways, enough of boast talk :p

After the walks, we spent time together on the sofa sleeping :))))

午後はダディと散歩だった2人だけど 夕方はそれぞれ私とお散歩。

Kaiyaには私との特別な時間が必要だし Matoは横について歩く練習に 通り過ぎる人や犬やいろんなものに注意散漫になるのを私に集中させる練習が必要だしね。

Kaiyaはもっと長い散歩したかったみたい(^^;)  いつものように森の方へ行きたいって座り込みが始まって言い聞かせるのが大変だった(笑)でも Kaiyaと一緒にお散歩すると本当にいい子だって実感。ちゃんと横をいつも歩くからリードなんて握らないでふんわり手に載せとくだけでいいし 待ての合図はすぐに反応するし(*^^*) 実家のアレックスとジェイは自由奔放に育てられたから 日本にいる間の散歩は みんないい子たちだけどこういう風にはいかず Kaiyaとの散歩の楽さに感激・・・まぁ自我が強いから座り込みがあるけど(笑)

Matoは1対1で歩くとすんごくいい子に横について歩ける。これも有墨さんが早いうちにしっかり教えてくれたおかげだぁ(≧∇≦)それから 私の声にもちゃんと反応してアイコンタクトすることができる。でも人大好きだから 誰かが通り過ぎるとそっちに行きたくなっちゃうし ワンちゃんが通り過ぎてもやっぱり遊びたくなっちゃうみたい(笑)

ってまぁ 自慢話しはさておき(; ̄◇ ̄) 

そんなお散歩も終わって 私を含めみんな疲れたから ちょっとソファーで休憩〜。



  1. お昼寝お昼寝 楽しいな Kaiya Mato ~!!