Monday, November 14, 2016

Mato 39th day at my parents' home (2016/11/14) / Mato 実家39日目

We are leaving to Sweden tomorrow.  Today was the last day to chill with my family and meet the people for the last time.

In the morning, we went to join Minami Alps Kennel's morning walk.

Mato was super happy see everyone and everyone played with him :)

We said good bye to them.  Mr. and Mrs Arisumi, thank you so much for raising him.  He became such a good boy and I try my best to keep raising him as a good boy as he is now.  We already miss them :(




犬舎のお父さん&お母さんにもお別れを言って すでに寂しくなっちゃったT^T


Kaiya's dad Kai
アタシの恋人 Kaiyaのお父さん カイ。


Kaiya's mom Ai
Kaiyaのお母さん アイ。"撮んなよっ!"ってガン飛ばされた(笑)

Also Ai
な〜んて いつもはこんなかっこいい顔してます!

Kirara's mom Natsu
キララのお母さん ナツ。

Ai's sister Hana

Also Hana
これも ハナ。

Mato's cousin Ken
でもって Matoの従兄弟ケン。

Time to go home.

Mr. Arisumi saying good-bye to Mato for the last time.

Sakana, one of my friends from junior high stopped by in the afternoon to see Mato!  She visited me in Sweden 2 years ago and met Kaiya back then :)

Sakana, you gotta visit us again in Sweden!!!  We look forward to seeing you again! :)))

Later in the early evening, we went to the Hokuto animal clinic.  I promised with the vet that we would come and say good bye before we leave to Sweden.  He's such a good vet and fun to talk with :)  Mato got a check up for free, too :p  

He told me that he would visit me in Sweden when he retired in about 10 years ;p

We'll be waiting for you there :)

Such a hectic day but fun!  We miss you all!!!!

午後は中学の頃からの友達サカナちゃんが仕事帰りに家に寄ってMatoに会いにきてくれた〜。サカナちゃんはスウェーデンに尋ねてきてくれたこともあったからKaiya に会ったこともあるんだぁ(*^^*) 

サカナちゃん スウェーデンまで会いに来てね!by Mato

それから スウェーデンに発つ前に会いに行くって約束してたから 北杜動物クリニックへ 先生に会いに(^o^)

最後に色々チェックしてもらって 準備万端!


先生 待ってるから いつでも遊びに来てねぇ〜!(^o^)/

バタバタだったけど 最後に色々な人にあったりして 充実した1日でした!

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  1. みんな友達 走った走った走ったよ マトマト...トマト!!