Monday, November 14, 2016

Mato 38th day at my parents' home (2016/11/13) / Mato 実家38日目

On Sunday, I was resting since I wasn't feeling good.  But we decided to visit the grave in the evening before we ran out the time.

I took Mato there, too, because it's really close from our home.

日曜日は調子が悪かったけど 夕方 忘れないうちに御墓参りへ。

近所だしね Matoも一緒に。

Mt.  Kayagatake
茅ヶ岳 きれいじゃぁ〜。

He looks like a fox ;)
なんか キツネみたい(笑)

My grandpa & grandma, and great grandpa & great grandma are sleeping here.
おじいちゃん おばあちゃん ひいじいちゃん ひいばあちゃんがここに眠ってます!

And that's the famous Mt. Fuji :))

At the field behind our house in the evening.

夕方の散歩から 家の裏の畑で。

Before he went to bed, Mato got on uncle Kishin's bed and took photos together :)))

He loves fluffy blankets...he might've planned to sleep with uncle Kishin on this very fluffy blanky ;p

夜はおじちゃんのベッドに上がって 希伸おじちゃんとツーショット。

ふかふかのお布団好きだから 降りたくないかな?(笑)


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  1. 自分のドッグランは最高 走るぞ走る マトマト...トマト!!