Thursday, November 10, 2016

Snowing like hell / 雪ふりすぎ・・・

It's been a long...I'm gonna update on Kaiya!

So much snow right now in Stockholm!

I'm getting little worried about the flights to Stockholm...I hope nothing will be delayed...otherwise, Mato's gonna be in the crate for even longer hours... :(



ちょっと帰りの飛行機が心配になってきたなぁ・・・。飛行機に遅れが出たりしたら Matoがずっとクレートの中だからかわいそうだ・・・。

Daddy texted me the other day that the flexi leash daddy usually use to take a walk with Kaiya got broken.  They went to buy a new one to the pet supply store Zoo.

この間 ダディがいつも使うフレックスのロングリードが壊れてしまったみたいで 新しいのを買いにダディと散歩がてらペットサプライショップのZooまで行ってきたんだって!

New one!!  They were out of red ones that's why we got blue before.  But they had red this time! :))

ゲッツ!前は赤が売り切れて 青にしたけど やっぱ赤がいいね!(o^^o)

These photos are from today.  OMG!!!  It's hard to see but the snow is totally taller than Kaiya.

こちらは今日送られてきた 写真。これはすごい。見にくいけどこれKaiya完璧に埋まるくらい積もってる・・・。

Kaiya is very much enjoying the snow!


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  1. ダディ 追跡困難な雪...大好き~ Kaiya~!!