Friday, November 4, 2016

Mato 28th day at my parents' home (2016/11/03) / Mato 実家28日目

Agian!  I fell asleep last night while I was writing this.

It's cold.  It's really cold in Yamanashi.  When I get cold, I get sleepy. lol



Here's yesterday's diary entry.

Everyone in the garden in the morning!

ってことで 昨日の日記。


Well, there was Nana, too, with the 3 guys ;)

But she stayed by my side because she gets scared easily.

昨日は男ども プラス ナナも。

でもナナは怖がりだから 私のそばでね。

Nana and Mato.


Hey Mato!  What are you looking at?  Look at mommy!!

おーい Mato!どこ見てんの? マミーの方見て〜!!

Now Jay is not looking at me.  It's hard to get a photo with all three looking at camera.


Yesterday morning, we all went out together!

Mato likes grandma :)))



Guess where we are going!?

さぁ どこへ向かってるのかなぁ〜。

Here we are! We went to a little festival called Daikon (Japanese radish) Matsuri in Akeno, Yamanashi.


明野は高いとこにあるから 景色が綺麗だ!

A lot of people.  Mato, of course, was little scared.


They were pounding mochi!!!  Mato's like "what are they doing?"  ;)


Mommy loves mochi!!!!  Got the freshly made mochi with raddhish,  and the grilled mochi with soy sause and seaweed. 

餅大好き マミー。つきたての大根おろし乗せ餅と安倍川餅もいただきましたぁ〜o(*゚▽゚*)o

On the way home, he got up on grandma's lap and went to sleep!!!

Grams is mom's mother.  I really think they have something in their genes.

I heard that Mato doesn't like being held.  But he stays quiet and calm in mom's arms and grams' lap.

Mmmm....aren't I supposed to have that gene, too??....I think it depends on how plump we are.  Gams and mom got little better cushion :p

帰りは おばあちゃんの膝の上に自分から行って 寝ちゃった(° o °)

やっぱママとおばあちゃんは親子だよね〜。なんか持ってるよ この2人。


って私もその血を引いてるはずなんですが どうして?!・・・肉付きの問題かな・・・(笑)

He's up now.  Something interesting out there??


In the afternoon, we went to Yamanashi city to see my one of old friends sing and dance at an event.

午後はというと 今度は山梨市までお出かけ。

中学からの友達がイベントで歌う&躍るっていうので 見に行ってきた。


友達のキクちゃんは劇団とかに入ってたことがあって ダンスも上手だし 歌声もとっても綺麗(o^^o)

12月に朗読とかもするらしいんで 山口貴久子って名前を見たら応援してあげてくださぁい!!

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