Thursday, November 24, 2016

Norwegian Puffin Dog / ノルウェイジアン・パッフィン・ドッグ Nov.23

We met Chilli again!


Somehow there wasn't any action yesterday... Mato used to try jump on Chilli to make him play with him.  Did he learn something that he shouldn't be doing it on Chilli??  ;p

でもなぜか からみが少ない・・・。昨日までMatoがシリィに遊んで〜ってジャンプして乗ろうとまでしてたのに。何か悟ったのか?

Somebody's coming!


Kaiya and Mato'd already met this little guy the night before but it was first time seeing him.

His name is Ili and he is a Norwegian Puffin Dog or Norwegian Lundehund.

I've never heard of that breed and never seen one before!

He was as big as Mato or maybe little bigger.  His owner told that he was one year old so I guess it's a small breed.

前日の夜の散歩でKaiyaもMatoもこの子に会ったらしけど 私は初めまして。

全然見たことないワンちゃんだったから色々聞いたら とっても珍しい犬種の子だ!

この子の名前はイリ。犬種はノルウェイジアン・パッフィン・ドッグ 別名ノルウェイジアン・ルンデフンド。



I got really curious about this breed so I googled it.  This breed is very unique.

何か気になって後でググってみたら この犬種は体がとっても特殊。
Puffins (photo by Brian Gratwicke)
One of the source of winter food was Puffins in Norway, and this breed was bred in order to hunt them.   Lundehunds have flexible body in order to hold and climb rocky cliffs where puffins were.  They can bend their necks backwards and touch their backs.  They have 6 toes. 

Wow, there are so many breeds that  I don't even know in this world.  Glad to see one of them :)))

ノルウェーの長い冬を越すための食料の一つだったのがこのパフィン(ニシツノメドリ)。それをハントするために作られた犬で 崖や岩場にいるこの鳥をハントするのに柔軟な体を持ってるんだって。首を後ろに曲げると背中に付いてしまうらしい。指は6本 狼爪の部分が2本ある感じ。


Our walk continued after the dog park.


Needed a better shot of Mato but Kaiya turned her head :(



  1. あっ! あっちにパフィンが Kaiya~!!

    1. そんな まさか!! Kaiya〜〜!!