Wednesday, December 28, 2016

We are back in Stockholm / ストックホルムに戻って来た Dec. 27

Yesterday we took off around 11 a.m. from Rättvik.  

Surprisingly there was no traffic at all despite the fact that it was the last day of the Christmas holidays.

It only took little over 3 hours.

Kaiya who's not used to riding a car was shaking all the time being nervous and all.

...while Mato who's very used to riding a car slept on daddy's lap like nothing ;)

We returned our car on time.  We were all tired and spent the rest of the day being couch potatoes.


クリスマスホリデーの最終日だったから混むかと思ったけど 全然だった!

Kaiyaさんは車に乗るのが得意ではないので やっぱりずーっとガクブル。


レンタカーも返しに行って お家に帰って来て みんなお疲れで グデーって過ごしましたぁ〜!(笑)

At the pee stop.

These are from this morning.

It was raining a little and also a tiny bit of snow was blending.

Mato, who still eats lots of stuff from the ground, had a bad tummy but minor.  That's why he was eating grass whole the time.



拾い食いがなかなか止まらないMato君はお腹の調子が少し悪いのか 今日は草ばっかり食べてなぁ。

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