Saturday, December 24, 2016

God Jul / Merry Christmas / メリクリ Dec. 24

Somehow I couldn’t sleep until very very late last night.  Of course, I slept in this morning and surprisingly daddy woke up early and took a long walk with them along with Simba and his mom.

Daddy told me that they ran soooo much and it was such a fun walk :)))

Well, I wanted to take some photos before the sun goes down.  I had them out in the garden play a bit after I woke up.

昨日の夜なかなか寝付けなくて 今朝はお寝坊してしまったので 朝の散歩はダディがしてくれました〜!

朝から長い散歩に行って来たらしく 走り回って楽しいお散歩だったんだって〜!

マミーは日が出てるうちに写真撮りたいから 庭で遊ぼう!!!

ってことで 庭でも走り回ったりして遊んだ2人だよぉ〜。

She plays with Simba in the house :)

In the afternoon, Simba’s papa  was about to go get a little Christmas tree in the woods with Simba.  Kaiya and I decided to follow them.  Mato seemed like he wanted to stay home so we left him home with daddy.

Kaiya was off the leash and it was no problem at all until we got to the woods.

Of course, there were a lot of traces of wild animals…I guess Kaiya couldn’t resist it.  All the sudden she sprinted and disappeared in the woods :(((

Although I blew the whistle and called her name over and over, she didn’t come back for about 20 minutes.

午後はシンバのパパがクリスマスツリーを切りに行くっていうから 一緒に付いて行ったよぉ〜!Matoは行きたくなさそうだったから Kaiyaだけ。

最初はノーリードでいい子にしてたのに 森に入ったらたくさん野生動物の匂いがしてたまらなくなったんだろうね・・・急に走り出して森の奥の方に消えて行ったぁぁぁ( ;∀;)

犬笛吹いたりして 呼んで少し歩いて探してたけど 結局20分くらい帰って来なかったぁ〜。

After 20 minutes, I found the blacky staring at us inbtween trees!!!

Come on Kaiya!! Don’t just stand there but run back here!!!

You got mommy very worried so you are on the leash on the way back home!




She started to dig and bury her face. lol I wonder what smell she was into...

"I don't wanna go back in the house yet, mommy!"

Now it’s Mato’s turn to take a walk.  It’s just two of us, Mato and mommy  :)

He was such a good boy.  Most of the time he was walking right beside me.  When he was getting away from me, then I called him back and he comes back right away.

He’s still a puppy who doesn’t wanna leave the sight of mommy….I hope he continue grow like this but we’ll see once he hits the puberty.



Matoはほぼ常に私の横を歩いて 少し離れたから呼ぶとすぐに近くまで来る とっても良い子だ。


The Christmas tree is all decorated.  Time to get some photos :)))

Please you guys!  Don't move!  Cooperate!!

クリスマスツリーの飾りも終わったから 写真撮るよぉ〜!


Merry Christmas to y'all!!

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  1. ふーむ! 写真撮影ご苦労さん おやつに力偉大で~す。 パパ!!