Friday, December 23, 2016

Big cleaning / 大掃除 Dec.22

Last day at work today before Christmas holidays.  No work until Tuesday! :)))

Well, we did a lot of cleaning at work since it's the last day before the holidays.  And I continued cleaning at home, too!

Big cleaning and laundry after work and I'm beat!!!

Mato was bored when I was cleaning so he started to play by himself chewing his toys and all.

Yep.  When I came back to the room where I'd already cleaned was scattered with cottons from the stuffed animal... lol

When I was taking a break after a while, they both jumped up on the sofa and chilled out with me ;)

Mato on the right side.


仕事場でもせっせと年末の大掃除的なことをしてたけど 家帰って来てからも洗濯に大掃除!


かまってもらえなくてつまんないから 1人で遊び始めたと思ったら おもちゃで遊んで掃除したとこから散らかしてくれてた(笑)

ひと段落してソファでくつろいでたら 寄って来たヒトタチ。


Kaiya on the left side.


I got hungry and started to eat some cheese.  Now they are even closer to me ;P



My leg is his favorite pillow ;p


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  1. Kaiyaはでけーな Matoは態度でけーぞ Kaiya~Mato!!