Friday, December 2, 2016

Surprise Daddy! / ダディをサプライズ! Dec.1's already December...Time really flies!!

It's cold everyday but I ride the bike. We take many walks everyday.  We warm ourselves up even we sweat in this cold weather!!!


毎日寒いけど 自転車乗ったり 散歩したり 寒さに負けず 寒さの中で汗かいてます!

Morning walk!


We went to the station to surprise daddy in the afternoon!


Hiding and waiting for daddy to come out.

Surprise!!! ;))
ダディ びっくり(笑)

After we came home, these kids were curling up on the kitchen floor
while we were having coffee. ;)
お家に帰ってきて コーヒー飲んでたら

In the evening, both Kaiya and Mato got a special walk with me!

First, I took Kaiya to the pet supply store Zoo to buy some bones.


まずはKaiyaとペットサプライストアへ 骨買いに。

They were selling Christmas trees outside the grocery store.

After Kaiya, I took Mato out for a walk and also to practice "heel."

When we came home, Kaiya was so happy to see us.  She was even super welcome mode to Mato!

Look they are like kissing :)))


帰ってきたら Kaiyaが寂しかったのか めっちゃウェルカムしてくれた。 Matoにもね!


Well, they got the bones that I got for them today.

They were soooo into them for a very long time!

ってことで 今日買ってきた骨をもらった2人は・・・

相当長い間 ガリガリやってた!(^_-)

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  1. がりがり ガジガジ ガリガリ君 Kaiya~Mato!!