Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Good buddies now / すっかり仲良し Dec.14

I thought it would take much longer for Kaiya and Mato to get along since I heard my friends' similar experiences which took longer period of time. 

It didn't take even a month for Kaiya and Mato.  

They are such good buddies now!

Of course, they still play hard which looks like fighting or more like wrestling now ;p  

It's almost always Kaiya who wants to play and starts it.  

At first, Mato tries to get away.  

But in the end, he's the most excited one.  

Sometimes he loses his control and bites too hard on Kaiya and she cries.  

He has to learn to control his excitement! :(

知り合いの経験談を聞いて もっとかかるかと思ったけど 1ヶ月もかからず 今ではすっかり仲良しのKaiyaとMato。


どっちかっていうと いつもKaiyaからMatoに絡んで行く。

最初は逃げるMatoだけど 徐々にテンションが上がって来てMatoのが最終的にエキサイトする。

エキサイトしすぎて咬む力を加減し忘れて Kaiyaが最後に泣く羽目になることも。


I was lucky hold my camera in my hand this morning.  I got this cute photo of Kaiya and Mato staring each other!!!

今朝はこんな見つめ合う 可愛い写真撮れた!ラッキー!!!一眼手元に置いといてよかった(๑>◡<๑)

By the way, Kaiya does this thing lately.  She licks Mato's ears.  Adorable!!!!

最近こんなこともするよ! KaiyaがMatoの耳を舐めるの。可愛すぎる♪(´ε` )

I didn't have to go work early this morning so I took them to the woods and did about one and half hour walk!

They both got happy and ran a lot!

今朝は遅出勤だったから 森に行ったりして 1時間半くらい散歩して来たぁ!


"Mommy, I came back right a way when you called so gimme the treat!"
"マミー!呼ばれてすぐ来たら 早くご褒美ちょうだい!"

Hmmm.  Kaiya doesn't come right a way today.

"Kaiya doesn't come so can I get one more?"
"Kaiya来ないから もう1個ちょうだい?"

She's still not coming...she's into some smell...
After this, she was almost getting into the chasing mode.  I decided to go home before it's too late ;)
この後どんどん臭いを追って動きが追跡モードに変わりそうだったから 帰路につくことにしましたぁ〜。

Now in the evening, I'm writing this blog and my girl and boy are next to me on the sofa sleeping :)))

そんなこんなで夜は 私がこうやってブログをアップしている最中に隣で ぐっすり寝に入るお2人でございます。


  1. 寝るときは 同じ顔だよ~ Kaiya~Mato!!

    1. たまにすごい顔の人いるけどねぇ〜(笑)