Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bouldering / ボルダリング Dec.7

Yesterday's morning walk!


We met Chilli in the dog park!


Chilli was into Kaiya yesterday....he usually doesn't get this excited and Kaiya's not on heat at all...I wonder what it was.

普段おとなしいシリィが なぜかKaiyaにお熱を上げてた・・・ヒートが来るのはまだ先のはずだし なんだったんだろ?

Daddy and I went to bouldering with friends in the evening.

It was really fun except my shoulder got little know I fell last week when I was on the bike.  I fell on my right side and I had little pain on my right shoulder since then.  I warmed up bouldering lower levels at first.  After a while I was trying little harder level.  When I was using exactly my right arm holding myself not to fall, there was this cracking didn't hurt but my shoulder got weaker and couldn't use my right arm too much :((((  I'm gonna come back challenge it again when my shoulder gets completely healed.


すんごいひっさしぶりで楽しかったけど 肩が・・・。先週自転車でコケた時に右側に転んだからそれ以来右肩にちょっと痛みがあったんだよねぇ〜。最初は低いレベルで体を温めててからちょっと難しいレベルにチャレンジして右肩に力が入った時にパキッて音が・・・。痛くはなかったんだけど 右肩に力が入らなくなっちゃったからそれ以上できなくなってしまった・・・。肩が完治したらまたチャレンジしに来よっと♪( ´▽`)


  1. ボルダリングはマミーに任せるよ こっちはフライだぜ kaiya~Mato!!

    1. わかった!任された! Kaiya〜Mato〜!!