Monday, December 5, 2016

Just the two / 2人だけ Dec.4

Hey everyone! How was your weekend??

Ours was just fine.  I had a day off on Saturday.  We took a nice walk in the morning and chilled out rest of the day :)  

Both daddy and I had to work in the evening on Sunday and left them home alone for 5 to 6 hours.   Kaiya and Mato did good job being just two at home.  They were totally fine!  I just love it when I get tons of kisses from both Kaiya and Mato when I get home ;)

Photos are from Saturday morning walk.  We were at the park on the hill.  They ran a lot :)))


うちはみんなでまったり〜な感じでした。土曜は私はお休みだったから 朝に長いお散歩に行って あとはゆっく〜り過ごした一日。

日曜はダディも私も夕方から仕事だったから KaiyaとMatoは5〜6時間お留守番。長い時間お留守番だったけど 2人だけで全然平気だったみたい。帰ってくると2人から嬉しいナメナメ攻撃♪( ´▽`) やっべ 幸せ〜♡


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  1. 汽車のように速く走るぞ 良い子でしょう Kaiya~Mato!!