Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! / あけおめ〜! Jan.1

Wish you all and all the dogs in the world a happy joyful and fortunate year!!!

Report from yesterday.

Yes, Kaiya was very scared of fireworks shaking up a lot.

Last year she hid herself under the bathtub but this year I made a space in the little storage room which located most away from the windows so that she wouldn't be hearing the big firework sound much. Also I put the TV on loud in the next room.   She liked it there!

Well, about 2:30 a.m. when it was getting quiet outside,  finally I could her out to pee a little.

As for Mato, I was right.  He didn't get scared at all.

Simba was with us so we decided to take them for a quick pee around 7:30 p.m.  I don't know why but Simba got so scared.  If I remember right, he wasn't scared at all last year.  Because he was whining and straggling to run home back, and of course Kaiya was feeling pretty much the same as Simba, we took them home right a way.

Though I came out again with Mato after I left Kaiya home.  I had a feeling that Mato was getting influenced due to Simba and Kaiya's behaviors.

Well, he was wondering what that loud sound was, but he didn't show any sign of fright.  Nice!!!:))

明けましておめでとうございます! 今年もよろしくお願いしまぁす!

ということで 昨夜の報告。

昨日は案の定 花火に怖がってKaiyaガクブル。

去年はバスタブの下に隠れたKaiyaだったけど 今年は物置にスペースを作ってあげました。物置の方が窓側から離れている位置にあるので音が聞こえにくいらしく Kaiyaもそこに避難するのがよかったみたいです。


これまた予想通り Matoは花火を全く怖がらない子した(^^)

シンバが来ていたので 19時半くらいにみんなで少しトイレをさせるために外に出たんけど なぜか去年花火が大丈夫だったシンバが声を出して鳴くくらい怯えて そしてもちろんKaiyaもガクブル。シンバのがすごい状況だったのですぐに家に戻ることに。

この2人の怯えを見てMatoも影響されそうな雰囲気だったので Kaiyaを家に置いて Matoだけ連れてお散歩に出ました。なんだこのでっかい音はくらいなリアクションで 怖がる様子がないからよかったぁ〜。

Our new year started by sleeping in ;)

Got up later than usual and took a walk around 10:30.

I convinced Kaiya, who was still shaky, not sure if she was safe to go outside, to come to take a walk.

Yep, she was really shaking a bit and her ears were all up and paying attention to surroundings.

She might've wanted to finish the walk real quick.  She tried to go really fast and pulled the leash.

I talked to her whole the time during the walk so that she'd pay attention to me instead and stop pulling the leash.

I guess she felt little better little by little and eventually we took a walk more than one hour in the beautiful morning with the sun!

Kaiya didn't have usual amount of exercise yesterday so it was a good walk this morning!

そんなこんなで 寝正月の始まりで〜す!(笑)

今朝もゆっくり起きて 10時半くらいにお散歩へ行って来ましたぁ〜。

まだ少し怯えていて外にあまり行きたくなさそうなKaiyaだけど なんとか説得して 外へ。

やっぱり少しガクブルしながら 耳は立って周りばかり気にして敏感になっているご様子。

早くお散歩を終えたいのか リードを引っ張りそうになるKaiyaさんに常に話しかけて 意識を私に集中させながら なんだかんだ言って 1時間以上お散歩できた〜!

天気も良くて気持ちよかったし 昨日普段より運動不足だったから よかったよかった。

Pulling a stick with a friend ;)

And again, somebody popped the fireworks again in the early evening.

Daddy took off for a walk taking both Kaiya and Mato then came back after 5 minutes or so.

Thanks to the fireworks, Kaiya got so scared trying to run as fast as she could.  Daddy had a hard time not to get her hurt.

Kaiya can hold pee longer so we decided to wait until the night walk to take her out again.

Meanwhile, daddy took only Mato to take a walk.  It was first time for daddy to take a walk with Mato when fireworks are going on.  He was very impressed that Mato really didn't care about it :)

と思ったら 夕方散歩に出たダディが すぐ戻って来たぁ〜。

どうやら みなさんまだ花火が残ってるらしく 花火をあげてる音が。


しょうがないからKaiyaを置いて Matoだけ夕方のお散歩へ。

とは言ってもKaiyaはトイレを長い時間待てるから 夜まで様子を見ることに。

Kaiya hid herself under the dest next to the PC.
机の下のパソコン横に 隠れたKaiya(^^;)

Mato was being Mato taking a nap right next to me.

9:30 p.m. It's about to take a night walk.

When we all came out, it was snowing!!! It's been really warm so I didn't see this coming.

It's Kaiya's favorite snow.  But I guess it didn't change her mood.  Still unstable and scared.

I kept talking her all the time on the walk.  She was able to listen to me very well and walked right next to me without pulling ;)

21時半くらいになって みんなでお散歩へ行くことに。

外へ出たら 雪だ〜!!!

雪の好きなKaiyaだけど やっぱりまだ少し怯えモードでそれどころではなさそう・・・。

それでも 話しかけながらお散歩したら ちゃんと横を歩いていい子にできたKaiyaさんでした〜!

Btw, the saffron cake that I baked yesterday was pretty good :)
そうそう 昨日作ったサフランケーキはまぁまぁ美味しかったぁ〜!


  1. 甲斐犬カイ♀January 2, 2017 at 11:03 AM


    1. 明けましておめでとうございまぁす!
      カード無事に着いてよかったぁ〜!♪( ´▽`)
      そうそう カイヤにとってはビクビクな大晦日だったけど 楽しく過ごせました。

  2. マミー 説得されても怖いよ~ Kaiya~!!
    ルンルン... マトマト...トマト!!

    1. 説得されて! Matoみたいにのほほ〜んってして もっと強いメンタルも持とうな! Kaiya〜!!