Monday, January 9, 2017

The park on the hill / 高台の公園 Jan.8

I wanted to buy a new smart phone since the one I have now is half broken and it's pain in the butt to use it.

We all took a walk to the bromma shopping mall this morning....and all includes daddy too ;)

On the way there, we stopped at the park up on the hill.

Kaiya and Mato were happy running and wrestling in that deserted park :))))



途中にある高台の公園でいっぱい走ったり レスリングしたりで楽しかったぁ〜!

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  1. よく走ったな~ 良く追いかけられたな~ 一休み!! マミー新しいスマホ見せて Kaiya~Mato!!