Saturday, January 7, 2017

Paws hurt! / アシいたい Jan. 6

Oh shit.  It was really cold today!

-18°C this morning!!!

Not only the salt on the streets but also it was too cold that both Kaiya and Mato lifted their legs time to time because they hurt.

When that happens, I remove the snow and hold their paws in my gloved hand to warm them up a little ;)

Even though it's little painful to take a walk in this damn cold weather, they don't wanna go home right a way at all.

This morning I let them run a little bit in the open space by the water where we usually take a walk.

When we got home, I realized we were out for an hour like we usual do.

Despite the coldness, the sun was out and the beautiful scenery with snow and all, the walk wasn't as painful as you imagine ;)

今日はヤバい寒かったぁ〜( ´Д`)


道にまかれる塩もあるかもだけど きっと寒過ぎるんだろうなぁ KaiyaもMatoも時々足を痛そうにあげるんだよねぇ(T ^ T)

そんな時はあげた足を手袋した手で雪を払って少しさすって温めてあげます( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

こんなに寒くて足が痛くなったりしてるのに お散歩からはすぐには帰りたくないお二人。



寒かったけど太陽も出てたから 景色は綺麗で楽しかった(^^)

Aren't you guys on the ice!?  Come back here!!
そ・そこは 氷の上だから こっちへ戻ってきなさぁ〜い!

Alright!  You are coming back.  Good kids!

...I thought they were good kids.

Yep.  They went back on the ice.

Somehow these two like to walk on ice.  I was watching them nervously hoping they wouldn't go too far.

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  1. ソワ・・マミー お疲れ様っす。 Kaiya~!mato~!!