Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Lake Lötsjön / ロートショーン湖 Jan. 26

I've been little busy and lazy to put up the daily entries...sorry about that.

Here's from Thursday.

We met Chilli in the morning.  It'd been a long time since the last.

Mato and Chilli were totally okey their companies in the dog park.

Kaiya was, of course, super happy to see Carina!

ここのところ忙しかったりだらけたりで おやすみ続いてました〜。てへっ(๑╹ω╹๑ )

ってことで 木曜日の事柄。


ちょいと大人になって来たMatoだけど シリィ一緒にいても大丈夫な関係(^^)

Kaiyaさんはもちろん飼い主のカリーナに会えて 嬉しさ100%。

In the afternoon, we took a walk to the lake Lötsjön and went to the fairly large dog park by it.

Though there were no one there, they had fun chasing each other ;)

午後はLötsjön(ロートショーン)湖までお散歩しに行って その近くにあるわりと広いドッグランへ。

誰もいなくて 貸切状態だったけど 2人とも追っかけっこして楽しんだヨォ〜!

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