Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Yummy yummy bones :) / 骨うっま! Jan.16

No action this morning.

Maybe it was too slippery because of the ice but they did't run or wrestle like they usually do in the dog park. 

Instead, they were just sniffing around most of the time.

Mato found a cork and he was chewing it until it got torn apart.

Kaiya also loves to chew on a cork and play with it.  A lot of dogs like to do that, too, I think.  I wonder why...?


氷張ってるかもだけど 走り回ることもなく ドッグランの中で クンクンばっかり。


Kaiyaもコルク好きだし ワンちゃんって大抵コルク好きだよね。なんでだろ?

Dinner time!  It's bones!!

Mato usually takes the bone to my room and chew on it...and makes my carpet dirty... :(((

I followed him around and tried to place a towel underneath it.  I think I saved my carpet today :)

晩御飯は 骨!!!


絨毯が汚れるから フローリングの床でやってくれるといいのに・・・。


Kaiya likes these small spaces.  Immediately, she went under the dinning table and started to chew on it.

Kaiya finished the whole bone.  Mato had a small piece left but I guess he's saving it for later ;p

Kaiyaさんは狭いとこ好きだから 即座にダイニングテーブルの下のお気に入りの場所に行ってガリガリ。


Btw, today, Jan. 16th, is my uncle Kishin's birthday!

Mato liked to be in uncle's room when he was in Japan.  He even got up on the bed :)))  I wonder Mato remembers about it ;)

Happy birthday uncle Kishin!!!!  Best wishes from Kaiya & Mato & Anna!!!

今日 1月16日は日本にいる希伸おじちゃんの誕生日でしたぁ〜!

日本にいる頃Matoはおじちゃんの部屋にいるのが好きだったんだよねぇ〜。ちゃっかりベッドの上に乗ってみたり( ^ω^ ) Mato覚えてるかな〜( ´∀`)



  1. MATO、いつもベッドの上に寝ていたおじいさんのことを、まだ覚えているかい?MATOもKAIYAと一緒にマミーに、おじいさんの憧れの遠い国のいろいろな所に連れて行ってもらって、冒険してごらん。

    1. 絶対覚えてるさぁ! 暖かくなったらいろんなところ簡単に連れて行けるから これからが楽しみだぁ〜!