Thursday, January 5, 2017

All white / 真っ白 Jan. 4

Last night we went to see movie at the IMAX theater.  

Rogue One : A Star Wars Story.  It was sooooo gooooood!!!  Those of you who haven't watched gotta watch it!!!



Before we left home to go to movies, it had trouble going there.

It started to snow all the sudden.  Not just snowing but it was more like a storm.

You know, I went for a bike ride yesterday and there was nothing.  No snow at all.  Hours later everything was covered in white!!!!! I guess I can't bike for a while...

After we came home from the movie, we took our kids for a late night walk.

OMG, they were so hyper!  They just love snow.

Ran like crazy, stuck their faces in the snow, covered in snow, etc.  We had so much fun!


昨日全く何もなくてサイクリングがふつーにできたのに 急に大雪。

吹雪いてたから 映画館まで行くのが大変だった(笑)

映画が終わって家に帰ってきて深夜の散歩に出かけたら やっぱり2人とも大はしゃぎ!

走って転んで 雪に顔埋めて 雪まみれになって 楽しい深夜散歩でした。

Well, it started to snow yesterday evening and when we came out this morning, it was still snowing.

No wonder everything was covered in thick snow.

I actually like this weather though.  It's not only so much fun to walk in the snow but it's also easier to clean their paws after the walk ;))

Kids enjoyed the walk today :))))

昨日の夜から降り始めた雪は朝の散歩の時もまだ降っていて だいぶ積もりましたぁ〜。


この天気の方が 散歩の後 お2人の足を綺麗にするのが楽でいいんだけどね(^^)


Arrow and his owner Margareta came to have fika in the afternoon :))

We had a really good time together;)



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  1. ガツ~ン 暴走機関車だ Kaiya~!!