Friday, January 20, 2017

Wet Weather / 湿っぽーい Jan.19

It's sooo damp and wet here in Stokckholm.  Sometimes it rains and the temperature is usually above 0°C during the day.  The ice and snow are melting...which makes everywhere wet and messy.

It takes time to clean my kids after the walks these days.

雨が降ったり 気温がプラスだったりで 雪や氷が溶けて どこもかしこも地面がジメジメ&びしょびしょな感じなストックホルムです。

散歩の後 足をきれいにするのがちょっとめんどくさいこの天気。

But the sun came out during the day today!  The sunshine makes my day :)))

Well thanks to the rain which made less ice on the streets, I've been taking the bike to work the last couple of days.

It always feels good to ride a bike!  And it was sooooo beautiful when I passed by the cliff on the way home in the afternoon.

I had to go back to work this evening and on the way home at night, something happened...I fell again!!! lol

It was cold and dark.  I didn't see the ground was getting icy when I was turning... :((

でも 今日は太陽が出てちょっと気分が晴れる〜!

道の氷が減ったから ここ数日また自転車で通勤開始〜!やっぱ気持ちいい〜!

午後に一回家に帰った時に綺麗な景色が見れた〜♪( ´θ`)

そして 夜家に帰ってる時は寒いし暗いしで地面が凍り始めてるのが見えなくて 左折した時に滑ってコケた〜!(笑)

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