Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Identical / 同じ Jan.23

We went near the woods this morning and had a nice one-hour power walk!

Somehow their movements get synchronized. lol

I was chatting with my coworker about our dogs today.

She was asked how to tell her jack russell girl and her friend's jack russell apart when she was walking them together at the time.

 Of course for her it's so obvious and she didn't know what to say.

I guess someone who doesn't know Kaiya and Mato would have the same question.  Especially when they have exactly the same harness (sizes are different though) ;p



今日同僚と話してたんだけど 彼女のジャックラッセルと友達のジャックラッセルを一緒に連れて歩いてたら "どうやって見分けるの?"って聞かれたことがあったんだって。

彼女的には一目瞭然だから どう答えたらいいかわからなったらしい。

私たちにとってみれば 一目で区別がつくけど KaiyaとMatoのことを知ってるか 犬好きじゃないと どっちがどっちか区別つかないんだろぉなぁ。


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  1. えーっ!! 同じハーネスになっちゃった マミーこれじゃ雪の中の競走でどっちが速いかわかんないよ~Mato!! ... Kaiya(私に決まってる~)