Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bike / 自転車 Jan.3

As you may know, I had some unfortunate incidents with bikes last year.

First of all, I got my lovely hybrid bike stolen.  Then I fell on the ice covered with snow when I was riding the new cyclocross bike that I bought about a week before that happened.  Last of all, I got flat tire the day before the new year's eve when I was coming home from work.  I had to walk more than a half way from work to home.

Don't you think I used up all the bad luck on bikes?  There's not gonna be anything that happened last year would happen again on me....I hope.

Well, that's why we all took a walk together to the bike shop to get the flat fixed yesterday.  

While we were waiting for daddy shopping outside the store, some old couple stopped and asked what kind of breed Kaiya and Mato are.  They thought they were really cool and beautiful :)))

Come to think of it, I get asked that question from many people lately when I'm taking a walk with them.

I guess they stand out especially when there are two Kais ;)

知ってる人も多いかと思うけど 去年は自転車に関してアンラッキーだった私。

まず 愛(自転)車のハイブリットバイクを盗まれ。新しくシクロクロスバイクを買った1週間後に雪と氷に滑ってコケ。最後に大晦日の前日に仕事からの帰りリアタイヤがパンクして家まで半分以上の距離を歩いて帰る羽目に。

去年これだけ 悪運を使ったから 今年は自転車で悪いことが起こらない!!!・・・って願ってる(笑)

ってなことで 昨日みんなでお散歩がてら パンクを直しにお店へ。

他にも買い物やらして 外でダディを待ってる時に かっこいい犬だね〜何犬? って声かけられた〜!

そういえば また最近よく声かけられるなぁ〜。


Luckily, I got my bike back from the repair within the same day yesterday.  I decided to go for a ride today before we lost the day light in the afternoon.

I was out for an hour and my toes got freezing at the end but it felt great!

The midwinter was in December so the daylight period is getting longer and longer...I hope...but still after 2 p.m. the sun starts to go down and by 3:30 p.m. it gets totally dark as night :(

昨日のうちに修理完了してバイクを受け取ったから 今日は午後に日が落ちる前に1時間くらいサイクリングへ(^^)

最後は日が落ちてきたから 足先がだいぶ寒く感じたけど 気持ちよかった〜!

12月に冬至は終わったから これから日が長くなるけど やっぱり14時過ぎると徐々に日が落ちて15時半くらいには真っ暗になるよね(^^;)

I was cycling places where I've never been to and was able to see beautiful views.

This morning, before the bike ride, we took a walk to the woods ;)

I wasn't planing to go there so I didn't have my camera with me.

All I had was my smart phone...and couldn't take good photos of them running.

Kaiya was running crazy as usual in the woods :))))

そうそう 今朝は歩いてる途中で思いつきで森まで行ってきましたぁ!

ので カメラ持って行かなかったから スマホでちょっと撮ったけど走ってる姿は撮れなかった。


On the way home, of course she started the usual rolling and rubbing. lol


  1. そうでしょう かっこいいでしょう

    1. 実はKaiyaは知らない人が近づいて挨拶しようとすると吠えるぜ。警戒心が強いやつなのだ!ふつーに待ってる時は大人しく横に座ってるけどね(^^)