Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blowing so much!!! / めっちゃ風吹いてる Jan.11

Here it is.  This is the new phone Sony Xperia XZ that I got the other day.  I finally transferred the date from old phone and started to use it since yesterday.

My old one was also Sony Xperia so basically everything is the same.  Though the camera is better.
It captured pretty good with less light when I was taking photos this morning.


今回もソニー。Xperia XZ。前もソニーのXperiaだったから基本変わらないんだけど カメラがまた良くなったなぁ〜。

今朝の散歩で撮ったら 暗くてもけっこーちゃんと撮ってくれる。

It was horrible weather!

First of all, it was blowing so much whole day long and I thought we gonna get blown away.

This morning I think it was about 2°C outside but it felt like -10°C because of the wind.

In the morning, I had to wait in that freezing blow for these two in the dog park since they were having fun chasing and playing and I didn't wanna stop them.


風がビュンビュン吹いて 飛ばされそうな中お散歩。

外は2度ってプラスの温度だったけど 実際マイナス10度くらいあるんじゃないかってくらい寒く感じる中 ドッグランで駆け回って遊んでるお2人を頑張って待ってたマミーです。

We met Robin :)

In the early evening, it started to snow literally sideways.

By the time when we realized at night, it was raining.  The snow was smelting with the rain.  Everywhere is wet and messy...

It's still blowing  hard.

I really hope it's not gonna get too cold tomorrow otherwise we have to walk on icy street and that's gonna be pain in the ass.

Night night!

夕方からは 横殴りの雪が降って前を見るのが大変だった〜。

それから雪は雨に変わって 夜は雪が溶けて雨と混じってべちょべちょの中のお散歩。


明日は寒くならないことを祈ろう。このまま寒くなると 道が凍ってめんどくさい。

それでは おやすみなさぁ〜い!


  1. 狙って・ねらって~ ダッシュ Kaiya~!! Matoたじたじ...

  2. マミー 新スマフォ きれいに撮れるね!! 今度はLINEで日本につないで~ Kaiya~Mato!!

    1. いつもLINEしてんじゃん!パパ〜!!♪( ´θ`)

    2. もとい!! 今度も美しい動画でLINEして~!!