Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Vacation is over for everyone!

Swedish vacation season is bit earlier than other countries, I think.

It starts the beginning of July to the beginning of August.

When we took walks in July, I felt it was very quiet and less people outside.

I guess a lot of people were out of town traveling or staying in their summer houses in countryside.

We didn't see  a lot of those dogs we usually see in the park or on the streets taking walks .

Anyways, since yesterday it's back to normal schedule for me and my work began in the morning.

What I noticed during the morning walks is that there are more people  and 

more doggies taking walks:)

スウェーデンの夏休みの時期はちょっと早めで だいたい7月頭から 8月頭くらいまで

7月中の散歩は なんだか静かな感じだった

きっとみんな旅行やら 町から離れたとこにあるサマーハウスに行ってたんだろーなぁ


全体的に 人も少ない感じだった

今週に入ってから 私も仕事が朝からに戻って 朝の散歩のときに人が増えたような気が

昨日と今日で Kaiyaも散歩中に友達にいっぱい会ったよぉ〜

Yesterday morning!
met Chilly...first time in a couple of weeks!!!

Kaiya was super happy and wanted to play with him
but Chilly wasn't in the mood to play with her:p

This is from this morning.  with Max.
これは今朝 マックス君と

They played together a little and then they became busy doing something by themselves.
ちょっとだけ一緒に遊んだけど 後はそれぞれなにかやることを見つけたらしい(笑)

When we were walkning by the water, Simba joined our walk!

Walked together for a while.

After saying bye to Simba, we met Arrow !
シンバと歩いた後は 今度はアロー君に会ったよぉ〜


  1. や~!! 今日はいっぱい友達と会えたな Kaiya~!!