Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hide and seek

Kaiya was into something when we were in the dog park this morning.

Hehehe, time to do  hide-and-seek! :)

I hid myself behind a tree on the other side from Kaiya in the dog park.

Since she was soooo into whatever she was doing,

she actually didn't notice I wasn't in her sight for a while.

Out of blue, she looked up and looked around.

"Where's mommy!?!?"

She started to walk slowly towards my side carefully looking around. 

Kaiyaさんが ドッグランの隅の方で一生懸命何かしてたから


久しぶりのかくれんぼ(^. ^)

夢中になってたから けっこう長い間 私の姿がないのに気づかなかったけど

ふと 気づいたらしく あたらりを見回して 

"あれ マミーいない!!!"

キョロキョロしながら のそのそこちらの方に向かってくる

"Mommy, where are you??"
"マミー どこぉ〜??"

"Found you!!!!!"

"You are soooo mean, mommy. 
 I thought you were gone...:("

She only cuddles when something like this happens :p

こんな時くらいしか 甘えないKaiyaさんなのでした〜(^^;)

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  1. マミーもう絶対どこにも行かないで Kaiya~!!