Friday, August 21, 2015

The 3rd Vaccination

Yesterday, both daddy and I were free in the afternoon so we all went to town!!

First, we had late lunch.  Wandered a bit.  Then we went to see the vet to have Kaiya's third vaccination.

The first and second vaccinations were giving when she was about 2-3 months.  
We were told to have the third one about a year later.
And it's been already a year!!!
Time flies!

This vaccination was for kennel cough and it wasn't a shot.

It was administered through her nose using a syringe with a special applicator on the end and it didn't take even a second!
It was done before we knew it! lol

昨日はダディも私も午後からフリーだったから みんなで町にくりだしてきたー!

遅いランチをまず食べて ちょっとブラブラしたあと 3回目のワクチン接種を受けに獣医さんのとこに行ってきたよぉ〜ん!


一瞬で終わったから みんなで呆気に取られてしまった(笑)

Steaks and mozzarella sticks for the lunch yesterday!

Yep, you don't get to eat here Kaiya...sorry :(

This morning.

Kaiya met two Scottish terrier boys at the dog park.

At first, she was being cautious and became almost overwhelmed because these two were vigorously running straight to Kaiya.

Well, it took a little while but by the time when we needed to leave, they were playing together nicely!


今朝は 2匹のスコティッシュ・テリアの男の子達と遊んだよ〜

コロコロちょこちょこ2匹で向かってくるから 最初は警戒してたKaiyaだったけど
最後は慣れて フツーに遊んでたぁ〜!(^^)


  1. 甲斐犬カイ♀August 21, 2015 at 3:46 AM


    1. あっ ほんとだぁ!ウサギに見える!!
      いつもは追いかけるウサギに 追っかけられた感じだったのかなぁ〜(笑)

  2. お座りが上手な KAIYA~!!