Monday, August 24, 2015


Drottningholm is an islet where the Swedish royal family's residence, Drottningholm Palace, is located.

(Direct translation of "drottningholm" is "queen's islet.")

On this island, there's a huge dog park where everybody can let their dogs run freely.

The dog park is surrounded by water so it looks like a little island on the island :p

This place is very popular among those who love dogs and there were a lot of dogs in the park!

For me, it was the second time coming to Drottningholm, and the first time coming to this dog park.

We came here together with Simba, his mommy and daddy.

However, Kaiya is on heat right now unfortunately...

She didn't go in to the dog park.  

We just took a nice walk around the park while Simba enjoyed playing with other doggies in the park.

Well, baby Kaiya, I promise we will come back here as soon as your heat is over!

今日は Drottningholm(ドロットニングホルム)という島へ行ってきたーーー!!!

Drottinngholmの直訳は 王妃の小島

この島にはDrottingholm  Slott(ドロットニングホルム宮殿)スウェーデンの王族の住居がある

私はここに来るのは2回目だけど ドッグランに来たのは初めて!

このドッグランは柵はなくて 周囲を池的なもので隔離されていて ある意味 島みたいになってた素敵なドッグラン(^^)


残念ながらKaiyaさんはヒート始まったばかりなので 今回は入るのはやめました(^^;)

シンバがドッグランで楽しんでいる間 周辺をお散歩して楽しんだよぉ!

約束するよぉ!ヒート終わったらちゃんとまた連れてきてあげるからねぇ Kaiya!!!

Although she didn't go in the dog park, there were a lot of dogs outside the park.
She got to say hi to some of them:)
ドッグランには入らなかったけど 外にもたくさんワンちゃんたちがいたから

She tried to help this boy to carry that big stick! :p

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  1. そうか ヒートと言うんだ KAIYA~!!