Thursday, August 13, 2015

I need quality time with Kaiya!

I've worked 16 days  in a row.
These couple of days were super busy... :(
Tomorrow's gonna be the 17th day but only need to work a half day and then finally day off the day after!!!!!

Thanks to this hectic schedule, I have NOT spent enough quality time with Kaiya!!!! :(
I've never missed the morning walk though!
But that was the only one I took her out....daddy took her out for the rest of walks.
Thank you daddy for doing this even though your foot hurts!!!

This morning I didn't have to go to work early in the morning so I got up early enough that I could take a bit long walk with Kaiya.
About one and a half hour we were out and went to the dog park in Solna, too!
There wasn't anyone there today.
Kaiya and I ran together and had fun!

しかも この数日めちゃめちゃ忙しい(>_<)
明日半日働いて 明後日は休み!!!!

朝の散歩だけはかかさず行ってたけど 一日中仕事だったからあとの散歩は全部ダディと・・・

でも今朝はちょいと遅出勤だったから 早めに起きて 仕事行く前に1時間半ちょいくらい散歩いってきたぞぉ!!!
誰もいなかったから Kaiyaと2人で追いかけっこして遊んだぁぁぁ!

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  1. マミー 楽しいよいっぱい走れて Kaiya~!!