Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer is back!

It's been warm and sunny since the 1st of August!

・・・we still get sudden showers sometimes though :(

But today it didn't rain at all whole day long and it was such a nice summer day :)

Kaiya and I took our usual long walk in the morning for about 2 and half hours.

First we went to the big dog park in Solna!

There wasn't anybody but us so we ran together and play a lot!


8月に入ってから いい感じに暖かくなってまっす!


でも 今日は雨も降らず 一日中いいお天気で気持ちのいい夏日和(^^)

Kaiyaと私は ナイスな天気だし 今朝も2時間半くらいの長いお散歩したぁ!

まずは隣町Solnaにある広いドッグラン行って 一緒に走って回って遊んだよぉ〜ん!

誰もいなかったから 貸し切り状態(^_^)

木に登ってたら Kaiyaも木の幹の割れ目に飛び込んできたぞぉ〜

写真じゃ見えないけど 蝶蝶を追ってるとこで〜す!

Sat down in front of the bench suddenly...
That's right, WATER!!!
She knew I had a water bottle in my bag.
She's just saying
"Mommy, gimme some water!!!!" :p
...you smart girl, Kaiya :)
なんだ?と思ったら お水だ!!!
"マミー 水くれぇ〜!!!" の待機です(笑)

There you go girl.  Drink a lot :)
さぁ いっぱい飲め〜!!!

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  1. 水飲み場は マミーの横だよ Kaiya~!!