Monday, August 10, 2015

Mommy got mad!!!

Today's morning walk was to the wood right next to the lake Lötsjön.

Lately Kaiya is interested in little kids.

Sometimes she tries to run after them.

And those kids who saw her trying to follow them got scared and cried or even screamed... :(

Totally no harm....didn't mean to do that.  She only wanted to play with them.  That's all...but seeing kids crying because of Kaiya doesn't give me any good feelings. 

When we got to the wood, there was a family with kids hiking in the wood...

Hmm I didn't think it's good idea to let her run all over the wood.

We went to the opposite end from where the family went so she wouldn't bother them when she ran.

Although she didn't bother that family, I got sooooo mad at her today because she didn't really listen to me.

I commanded her "wait" but when I went closer to her she moved and didn't stay still....probably she wanted to play with me.

She has to listen to me at all time.

It was nothing compared to the amount of time when I usually let her run freely but I put her on leash and left the wood.

今朝はここ! Lötsjön湖の横にある小さな森!


たまに追っかけそうになって 追っかけられそうになっちゃう子供はビックリして泣き叫んじゃうなんてことが・・・

ただ遊びたいだけのKaiya・・・害はないけど 泣かれたらこっちが困っちゃう




待ての合図に反応するけど 遊んで欲しいらしく 近づくと動いて離れていく・・・


子供の方には行かなかったけど 言うこと聞かないKaiyaにマミー激怒!!!


いつもより全然短いリードなしの走る自由時間だったけど そっこ切り上げ!

After we left the wood, we made detour to do a long walk to go home.


Yes, she did it again!
Suddenly lay down and refused to go.
Well, we did a 2-hour walk and I know you are tired
but it's almost home.  You can do it!!
まぁ 2時間以上散歩したからな
でも もうちょっとで家だ がんば!

While I was working in the early evening, Kaiya, daddy, uncle Kay, Simba and Simba's family grilled out by the wood.

I only enjoyed the left over food from them when I got home... :(

夕方から私が仕事をしている時に Kaiyaとダディは ケイおじさん、シンバ、シンバの家族と森の近くでバーベキューしに!

あぁいいなぁ〜・・・家帰ってきてから 残り物の肉をたらふく頂きました〜(^^;)


  1. スーパーモデルなんだから 子供を相手にしなくても良いのよ このスーパーポーズ(動かない攻撃)をダディーとシンバに見せてあげてね Kaiya~!!

    1. 飼い主に似て態度デカイ スーパーモデル Kaiya(笑)