Friday, July 31, 2015

Mommy's little baby no matter what!

Kaiya had the runs again today.....I woke up from Kaiya's cry and immediately took her outside.

I ran and kept it up with Kaiya 

even though my legs weren't moving as fast as usual since I was asleep a couple of minutes ago.

After did her business and became calm, she started to dig.  Hard.

And sniffed.  Hard. :p

I though she was some kind of an addict or something since she was sniffing so much. lol

I wonder what it was that she smelled there.

今日もまたお腹の調子が悪いらしく 今朝鳴き声で目が覚めて猛ダッシュで外へ

起きたばっかりでおぼつかない足だけど マミーがんばって走ったぜい!

少し落ち着いたら 本日は穴掘りに専念するKaiya

掘っては すんっごい勢いで臭いをかいでる・・・なんの臭いがするんだろぉ??

At night when I came back from work,

Kaiya and daddy came back from the night walk too.

We met at the entrance of the apartment and went up together.

I guess Kaiya wanted to play more.  

She didn't wanna come in our door but ran away in the hallway.

Too bad Kaiya, I can easily catch you!!!

You are mommy's baby no matter how big you get!! :D

Mommy's little tired tonight.  We play tomorrow instead, Ok!? :)

夜 仕事終わって帰ってきたら 


遊んでほしいらしくなかなか家に入らず廊下を逃げ回るから 捕まえてやったぜ!(笑)


マミー疲れてるから 明日遊ぼうな!