Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Big bro Simba

We bumped into Simba yesterday in the morning.
Then we took a walk together and played in the dog park!!!
Kaiya is sometimes pain in the butt for Simba because she is faster and stronger now.
Simba didn't seem like he wanted to play with her any more at the end...:(
But we appreciate for your patience being a big bro and playing with her!!!

昨日はシンバに朝会ったから一緒にお散歩したり ドッグランで遊んだりしたよーん!
Kaiyaのが足は速いし 強いから 最終的にシンバは遊びたくなさそーだったぁ(笑)
それでもいつも遊んでくれてありがとぉ シンバ〜( ´∀`)

狙ってる 狙ってる(^^;)

またも 狙ってる 狙ってる(笑)

And raining today.
As soon as we started the morning walk, it started to rain.
It was much cooler considering the summer weather we had last week.
Anyways, I had no umbrella no raincoat no rain boots but thankfully it didn't rain so hard.
Kaiya, on the other hand, seemed didn't care if it rained or not. 
Just enjoyed the walk as usual :)

そして本日は 朝から雨〜(ToT)
先週の真夏の天気とうってかわって 涼しい〜
散歩に出てちょっとしたら 降りだしたぁ!!
傘も雨具もナッシングで なんとか朝の散歩こなしたぜぃ!
Kaiyaは 雨なんて関係ない感じねぇ〜(笑)


  1. シンバより 強かったのか(ナラ)KAIYA~

    1. マミーに似て 強い女の子(  ̄ー ̄)ノ