Sunday, July 12, 2015

White French bulldog Shiro

This morning Kaiya made a new friend.
His name is Shiro who's a French bulldog.
His owner is actually one of my classmates in the SFI class where I learned swedish!!!!!
What a surprise!!!
I remembered he'd said he lived close to us but we never bumped into each other before.
Shiro is such a smart boy and could do many tricks.

Kaiya and Shiro ran together and played a lot.
Both of them were out of breath and especially Shiro looked really hot.
And all the sudden his owner threw Shiro in the water!!!!
Shiro seemed didn't really like being in water but it's good to cool his body down said the owner.
Well, you are raised to be a strong boy Shiro! :p

今朝は フレンチブルのシロ君と知り合ったよぉ!
びっくりしたのが 飼い主さんが数年前通ってたスウェーデン語の学校のクラスメートだった!(笑)
近くに住んでるとは言ってたけど 近所で会うのは初めて!
そして このシロ君すっごくお利口さんで たくさんトリックやってみせてくれたよぉ〜( ´∀`)

Kaiyaとシロ君 めっちゃ走り回って遊んだよん!
で ゼイゼイ暑そうにしてるシロ君をいきなり水に投げ入れた飼い主さん!!!(゜ロ゜ノ)ノ
・・・冷やすためらしい・・・けど びっくり!!
シロ君 たくましく育てられてるのね(^_^;)

Tired and hot, both of them are down :p
2人ともお疲れモードで ゴロンちょ!


  1. マミーがお休みの次の暑い日は どっぼーん KAIYA~!!