Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer break day 6

Today's choice is hrere, Judarskogens Naturreservat, the nature preserve.

I found this place when I was looking at google map for no reason... :p

It's really close, about 30 min by buss and train, so I wanted come here when I had a chance.

Well, today was the day...since daddy usually sleeps in until noon and we didn't have any plans for the day.

Kaiya and I just left daddy home and took off to have the morning walk in this nature preserve!

It was great!  This place was sooo beautiful.

There was a lake in the centre and the woods weren't deep or thick and crowded.  We could easily go off the trail and into the woods.

 This place wasn't that big...we were able to go around within one and a half hour.

Kaiya loves being the nature (woods).  She got sooooo hyper and wanted to run like crazy.

Unfortunately I couldn't let her off the leash since this is the nature preserve, dogs aren't allowed to be off the leash.

She really really needed to show her excitement so she ran within the range of the 5m flexi leash that I brought :)

今日はここ Judarskogens Naturreservatという自然保護区に行ってきたぁ!

いつも昼頃まで起きないダディをおいて Kaiyaと私だけで 朝の散歩を長くすることに!


この間ちょっとGoogleMAP見てたら 近くにあることを発見して きてみたかったんだよねぇ〜(^^)

いやぁ いいとこだった!

真ん中に湖があって 周りはごちゃごちゃ木や植物が生えてるような険しい森じゃなかったから 散歩トレールを横に外れても すいすい森の中に入れた!

そこまで広いとこじゃなかったから 1時間半くらいでだいたい一周できた感じ

自然(森)が大好きなKiayaさん テンションマックスで走り回りたいけど 自然保護区だからリードは外せなく 5mの伸縮リードが伸びる範囲でいったり来たりがんばって走ってた(^^;)

When she got hyper and
テンションあがって 走ってる最中www

Blueberries :)
Too small...wasn't sweet at all :(

She's not interested in blueberries :p


Found the lake!

Just beautiful...

She doesn't care about the view.....cares about the bugs she's looking at. lol
Kaiya 景色に興味なし.....虫を凝視中(笑)


  1. わ~い 天を見上げるもののけ姫のモロみたいだ Kaiya~!!

    1. 言われてみれば ホンマやっ!!!!