Thursday, August 31, 2017

Pouring rain / 土砂降り Aug. 31

OMG.  Heavy rain this morning :(

Kaiya doesn't like going out in the rain...and I didn't even wanna go out in this pouring rain but kids needed to pee and poo.

Mato usually doesn't care about anything so he's totally as normal in the rain ;p

今朝はめっちゃ雨降ってた〜( ;∀;)

雨嫌いなKaiyaさんはいやそうだったけど トイレは行かないとね。

Matoは なんでも気にしないタイプだから ふつー(笑)

I thought Chilli and Carina wouldn't come to the dog park because of the rain.  As we were about to leave the place, they came!

We took a walk together ;)))

今日はこの雨だからシリーはドックランに来ないかと思って帰ろうとしてたら この後シリーもきて一緒に雨の中お散歩したんだ〜!( ^∀^)

After I came back home from work in the afternoon, we went for a long walk.

That rain stopped but still dull weather...thick clouds covering up the whole sky and it was hot and humid.

At first, they had a free running time at the park.

午後 仕事から帰って来てから長いお散歩へ行ったよぉ〜!

朝のあの雨は止んでたけど どんよりお天気。湿気のおかげで蒸し暑い( ̄∀ ̄)


Mato (left)                                Kaiya (right)


Mato (left)                                Kaiya (right)

Mato (left)                                Kaiya (right)

Kaiya (left)                               Mato (right)

Kaiya                          Mato

Mato (front)                                Kaiya (behind)

We were walking where we'd never been to before and I realized we were walking right next to the race track we saw the other day.

いつも行かないところを歩いてたら どうやらこの間見た競馬場のめちゃめちゃ近くを通ってたみたい。


After over 2-hour walking, I was tired and sweating a lot...thanx to the humidity :(

We were so hungry.  We hurried home ;p


お腹空いたから 最後は急いで帰ったよぉ〜ん(笑)


  1. 雨の中でもがんばって良い子してます~ Kaiya~!!
    そんなのぜんぜん気になんないよ~ Mato~!!

    1. 良い子 Kaiya〜!!
      良い子 Mato〜!!