Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Better running than swiming / 泳ぐより走る

On the third day in Dalarna, Sunday the 30th, we went bathing to the nearest lake!

Though it was chilly and wasn't exactly a bathing-friendly day, I wasn't really thinking to swim even though I put my bathing suit on in case. 

ダーラナ3日目の日曜日(30日)の夕方 近くの湖に泳ぎに行ったよぉ〜。

これまた 涼しい日で 水着は着てったけど泳がないかもなぁと思いながらとりあえず出発。

I have actually been here about 3 years ago but this was the first time for Kaiya and Mato.

There was a family when we arrived but they left a while later and this place was all for us!

You guys can run and play now!!

私は来たことあるけど KaiyaもMatoもここにくるのは初めて。

着いた時にいた人たちが帰って 貸切状態になったから よし 走り回っていいぞぉ〜!

Mato (left)         Kaiya (right)

How about the water...yep it wasn't warm :(

I didn't check the temperature on that day but it didn't feel like it hit 20°c.

Even so I DID get in the water and did swim!!!

さて 水はどうかな。・・・結構 冷たい(*_*) 


まぁ こんな涼しい中マミーは泳いだぜ!( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

Mommy did it, so you guys can do it too!!!  Despite my effort, they didn't come in the water and swim with me :((((

I just wish that sometime we could get exactly the same hot weather like in Japan so they might jump in the water before they know it ;)

だから お前たちも入ってこーい!!!って誘ったけど全然泳いでくれないこのヒトタチ。


Mato (left)                             Kaiya (right)

If you guys are not getting in the water, you get splashed instead!! ;p

水に入らないなら 水かけてやる〜!

Kaiya (left)                     Mato (right)

You see they don't do anything with water any more so they ran around.  lol

もう水とは関わりたくないから 走り回り始めた(笑)

Kaiya (left)        Mato (right)

Mato (behind)    Kaiya (front)

Kaiya & Mato enjoyed running...not swimming as mommy wanted them to.

マミーの願い虚しく 結局泳がないで走って楽しんだKaiya&Matoでしたぁ〜。

Didn't forget to hydrate after sprinting...this is as far as they go in.


Mato (left)     Kaiya (right)


  1. 残念! KAIYAもMATOも、泳がなかったんだね? ちょっと寒すぎたかな?また来年に期待!それにしても、KAIYAもMATOも日ごろのトレーニングのおかげか、すごいスピードで、駆け巡るね。シンバなんか、とても追いつけないね。

    1. そうなんだよぉ〜!来年はクソ暑くなることを祈るのだ!笑