Saturday, August 5, 2017

Summer rain / 恵みの雨 Aug. 04

This is Mato's tail.


And that's Kaiya watching Mato to hunt him.


And it starts.  This is our nothing-special-usual-morning ;)

んでもって 始まる。とまぁ いつもの朝です( ^∀^)

It rained last night and it was little chilly this morning.

I guess we needed some rain especially for the park we usually go to where most of the green turned into yellow brownish color...which reminded me of Californian summer.

昨日の夜に雨が降って 朝は少し肌寒い感じ。

草が生い茂ってたのになんだかカリフォルニアの夏を思い出させるような緑の少ないいつもの公園に 恵の雨でまた緑が増えるかなぁ?

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